The programme for this year’s Jubilee Gardens has once more been organised by Chris Lawrie and his team at the Red Lion, Arundel and is kindly sponsored by Hammerpot Brewery and Listers Brewery.

You can download a copy of the Jubilee Gardens brochure here. Please note that the programme below may be subject to change – keep checking the Red Lion’s website for the most recent listings.

FrThe Red Lion Arundeliday 17th August

17.30 DJ Tony
19.30 Burlesque Night With Dawn Gracie

Saturday 18th August

14.15 Ed Gibson
15.15 Celtic Simbel
16.15 Graham Fargher
17.15 Old Owens
18.15 IOLAR
20.30 Hot ‘n’ Sticky

Sunday 19th August

13.15 Queen Of Spades
14.15 Luke Ferre
15.15 Rich Somers
16.15 Beatroot
17.15 A Tad Tighter
19.00 Open Mic

Monday 20th August

18.00 Film Night – The Greatest Showman

Tuesday 21st August

Variety Night
20.00 Kym Lucas & ‘Friends’
20.15 Elisha Hamilton Dance
20.30 Virtuoso Dance Company
20.45 Pole Passion
21.00 Law Of Fitness Pole Studio
21.15 Kym Lucas & ‘Friends’
The Lawrie Lads
21.30 Drew Cameron – Comedian
21.45 Alex Banks – Sinatra Singer

Wednesday 22nd August

18.00 Northern Soul Night

Thursday 23rd August

19.00 Dig Out Your Soul (Soul disco night)

Friday 24th August

14.15 Tom Mapely
15.15 Silver Threads
16.15 The James Wheeler Quartet
17.15 Replay
19.15 Electric Feel
20.30 Regulator

Saturday 25th August

13.15 Tom & Ash
14.15 Avenue
15.15 Turnaround
16.15 Easthead
17.15 Project 7
18.15 The Light Brigade
19.15 Harry & The Hounds
20.30 The Superpowers

Sunday 26th August

14.15 Tim Sturdy
15.15 The Logical Hairs
16.15 Stiff Upper Lip
17.15 Ticklin The Pickle
18.15 Deadbeat Angels
20.30 Action Hank

Monday 27th August

13.15 Tom Janes
14.15 Red Kite Drift
15.15 Marvin Ford
16.15 The Aim
17.15 Bad Billy Band
18.15 Those Restless Knights
19.15 Pier Pressure
20.30 Captain Kappa & The Magalads

Please note that even the best planned events can be forced to change or be cancelled at very short notice for a variety of reasons. We’ll make announcements on our Facebook page once the festival is underway if the worst should happen.

A copy of the full 2018 Arundel Festival listings can be found here, or  for those with Adobe Flash installed, read an online version of the brochure here.
Click here for Street Theatre timings and  information