Pictured to the right are the new volunteer members of the Arundel Festival committee. (left to right Sue White, Kelly Mikulla, Bill Brennan, Graham Lane, Gil Farquharson, Linda Clark, James Peters and Michael Tu.)

Eager to continue the tradition of celebrating the Town and its artistic diversity, The Committee recognises that local participation is key to the Festival’s success.

As a result, it has decided to take the opportunity for a fresh start to expand inclusion in the way the Festival is run. This year’s Committee will focus it’s energies on promoting and coordinating events around Town, but will leave the actual organisation of each event or entertainment to the people who’ll be running them.

The hugely successful Gallery Trail, Theatre Trail, Words and Music and Shakespeare in Arundel Castle already operate in this way, using their own volunteers and resources to plan and run their programmes, and turning to the Committee only for help with publicity and coordination. All of these have already confirmed that they will return for 2015, with it is hoped other Festival favourites like the Duck Race, the Arundel Scouts 10K run and the King’s Arms Abba on the Hill soon to follow suit.

But new initiatives could make the Festival even better, and the Committee is keen to hear your ideas. If you want to stage an event, organise street entertainment, produce children’s events or just get involved, now is the time to start planning.


If you would like to or are planning to organise an event during the Arundel Festival 2015 here is an application form which can be filled in to outline the details of your proposed event to the Committee. Fill in the application form, to ensure you are included in the Festival’s Brochure, Website, Social Media and Press.

The application form is available to download and should be sent when completed to Alternatively, you can pick one up from the Town Hall and hand it back there. Entries should be submitted no later than March 9th.

If you have any queries about this year’s Festival, contact one of the Committee or email


Email the Arundel Festival at if you are interested in getting involved by volunteering. Whether you can donate a few hours during the festival itself, can support in the lead up to the festival, can donate a little time monthly, weekly or want to help run the Festival, get in contact. 


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